Over the weekend, someone was reminiscing about Hastings and lamented the fact that you can't just go hang out at the entertainment capitol of Amarillo. I decided to see just how close we could get by going to a few places in town.

If you're looking for a Hastings fix in Amarillo, here is as close as you'll get.

Unknown Comics In Amarillo

If you're looking for comic books, collectibles, and board games then this is a pretty good spot to make it happen. My kids and I like going in here from time to time to look around and pick up a new board game to play.

Unfortunately, you won't find racks of the latest music album releases. There aren't video games for sale. You definitely won't be finding any classic literature.

Best Buy

Someone suggested Best Buy, and while I am quick to disagree, I see their point. Video games are pretty easy to find. Plus, you get to see some hi-tech gadgets. They also still sell hard copies of movies. Best Buy even has some collectible and novelty items.

I don't remember Hastings selling "smart" refrigerators or washing machines. You couldn't get a smart phone or gaming PC there either. Pretty much, the DVDs and video games are all they really have in common.

Barnes & Noble

This is fairly close, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, you have all of the books. There's even some vinyl on sale (and it's appropriately overpriced...mostly). You can find some party games or board games. Barnes & Noble even has a whole manga section.

However, there are no DVDs. You definitely won't find video games here. Comics and collectibles? Not as much as you would like. Novelty items? They're really light on selection.


I remember Hastings having a small selection of novelty apparel. Of course, there were the novelty gift items. I suppose if you're really looking for this kind of thing, you can try Spencer's in the mall.

Do they have DVDs? If they do, I seriously doubt it's something you'll want to sit down and watch with the kids. Video games? Nope. Comics, books, and music? No, no, and no.

But they do have key chains that will make you giggle.

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