We have heard this time and time again about the supply chain shortage. There are things that are harder to come by because of this issue. There was a time when we couldn't find toilet paper.

Then it turned into a shortage of alcohol. Turkey's could be hard to come by this year for Thanksgiving. The one shortage I have also seen is at fast food places. Someone posted yesterday that they got their McDonald's food in a plastic bag because the one they went to were out of McDonald's bags.

The Styrofoam Cups are Hard to Come By

This is hitting everyone a little differently. Try being a business owner and being told you can't get styrofoam cups. That can be a big problem if all you serve are soft drinks and teas.

I was talking with Charlie the other morning and he said he stopped somewhere and all they had were Hastings cups. Woah. That is definitely a blast from the past. I miss having Hastings here in Amarillo. I worked at the one on Georgia for several years.

Now Another Past Business is Reminding Us How Much We Miss Them

I saw a friend of mine post on Facebook about a cup she got yesterday. This brought back so many memories. We actually worked at this restaurant together back in the nineties. This photo brought back so much nostalgia.

credit: Michelle Errington Amarillo

I wouldn't even be angry getting one of these. In fact I think I may have to stop by today and see if I can get one for myself. Man, Gardski's. I miss that place too. I see by the responses to this photo that I was not the only one.

I know everyone is having a hard time getting cups, but we’re these just in a warehouse somewhere?? Lol makes ya wonder for sure. Sure was a fun place to hang out and eat all those years ago. - Shawna


That fried cheese though… - LaVerna

I'm just going to leave this here so we can all reminisce on all the great food.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Has anyone else got a cup from an Amarillo business long gone? Which one was it and where did you get it? Bonus points if you have a photo to share.

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