A mother and grandparents were arrested after a neighbor reported to the police that she saw the boy and that he looked like a human skeleton.  The boy reportedly only weight 25 pounds.

The mother was also reported after she told school officials not to feed him breakfast.  School officials had noticed that the boy was taking food out of trash cans and stashing it in his shoes.   School officials contacted youth services as well.  The mother and grandparents were arrested and face multiple charges including conspiracy to commit murder.

It never ceases to amaze me how cruel humans can be. How could anyone do this to a child. The boy is only 7-years old. I can only imagine just how lost, alone, scared and worthless these people make him feel. It just breaks my heart into. I sincerely hope this boy can find some peace and not get lost in the foster care system. I hope that he can go to a loving home where he will find love and know that he isn't worthless.

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