In Texas, we can take anything and make it something special. Take for instance this headstone that was recently pointed out to me. It's simple. It's unassuming. It leads you on a mental adventure trying to figure out what could have made that meatloaf so freaking amazing.

The Meatloaf Headstone Of New Braunfels, Texas

There are a lot of fascinating graves, tombs, headstones, and stories revolving around cemeteries in the Lone Star State. We have everything from boot hills to witches' tombs. We also have a headstone commemorating the best meatloaf.


While I'm not aware of the chef that this headstone honors, I am intrigued by her meatloaf. Meatloaf is a divisive topic. Some appreciate it, while the rest of us treat it as a form of cruel and unusual punishment. The headstone says, "She made the best meatloaf". I need to know about that meatloaf.

Recipes On Headstones In Cemeteries

In case you didn't know, yes it is apparently a thing. We know this thanks to an article that was put together by VICE. Our meatloaf magician even got a shout-out in that article. What didn't get a shout-out was the recipe for the meatloaf, which isn't included on the headstone. If there's one way to make somebody want something, it's to tell them you've had the best of it and then give them no way to experience it.

According to the VICE article, the Comal Cemetery did release a cookbook that included the recipe for the best meatloaf. The cookbook was titled Recipes For The Soul. What else would a cookbook put out by a cemetery be named?

Leave A Legacy, It's The Lone Star Way

As strange as it may seem, it is a little inspiring. This person became so good at making meatloaf that it was deemed important enough to be etched forever in their headstone. What gets written on a headstone is supposed to be a reflection of how those who knew and loved you most will remember you. That must have been some truly righteous meatloaf.

It makes one wonder what will be written on their headstone. It isn't like we get much say in the matter. Those who are living get to decide how they want us remembered. Apparently, this meatloaf was incredible. I need the recipe.

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