Downtown Amarillo area has had a Downtown Neighborhood Police Office for some time now. They just finally moved from their temporary location to their new home away from home.

They were housed in the Amarillo Police Department while construction was being done. They are now open for your business. They can be located at 701 S Taylor. They are on the first floor of the Happy State Bank Parking Garage.


credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Why do we even need Neighborhood Police Offices here in Amarillo? They will provide residents with a central source of assistance for both law enforcement and non-law enforcement type problems. So you can go to them for many of your problems and they will either help you or find the best way to help.

They are there to form a partnership with the residents of the community in order to reduce crime and fear of crime as well as to enhance quality of life within the community. They want to make Downtown as safe as can be and be there for the communities concerns.

With the addition of Hodgetown and several new businesses it just makes sense for these guys to be centrally located and there to help. That is why the Happy State Bank Garage was a great space to have them move in.

Officer Ryan Hill and Officer Jarrid Gray are the downtown NPO's and their telephone number is (806)336-2832.

UPDATED: Wanted to add that there are 5 other Neighborhood Police Offices in Amarillo. They are located in Eastridge, North Heights, San Jacinto, Southlawn and East Amarillo.


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