Actress Nikki Blonsky, hit the scene when she starred in the 2007 remake of Hairspray. She played the lead character Tracy Turnblad.  According to all the reviews and her Golden Globe Nomination Nikki had a promising career in Hollywood.  Now if that were true, then why is she now working in a high end shoe boutique in New York.

Here's a walk along Nikki's career path so far.


Tracy then went on to star in a TV movie called Queen Sized about a plus sized teen who is elected homecoming queen.


Then ABC Family cast Nikki in her own series called Huge, which unfortunately was canceled.

Now, Nikki can be found selling shoes, in a high-end shoe boutique called Steven Dann.

According to

"Steven says she's one of the best employees he's ever had! Nikki had known Steven for a long time. When she started her career she got shoes, bags and accessories from the store for red carpets but recently approached him about working at the store. So it was done. Customers come in and see her and ask, 'Oh my God! What are you doing here? Are you shopping?', and she laughs and says, 'No, I'm working!' It's a little uncomfortable for [Nikki] obviously, but the customer will ask her to sign her autograph on the receipt and she does. She's really sweet to the little kids that come in the store. She even sings and dances for the customers, busting out the tunes from Hairspray! She's supposedly working on a project that will catapult her career, something bigger than Hairspray."


Do you think Nikki will ever bounce back in Hollywood or do you think she will spend the rest of her life selling shoes.  It is quite possible that she could have a career on Broadway.

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