Have you ever gotten a piñata for your child's birthday party or a family get together?  You get them because they are fun.   Yes, it involves hitting, but you are hitting an inanimate object to make candy fall out of it.  That is its purpose.   Apparently there are parents who don't want their kids to ever experience the craziness that is a piñata because they don't want to encourage violence.  What is the world coming too when a piñata is too violent.  If you are a parent that feels that a regular piñata is to violent you can now buy non-violent piñatas.

Some parents feel that piñatas are just too violent  if a kid learns it's okay to hit a paper-mache Dora the Explorer with a bat, who's to say he won't smack a human with one?

So there's a whole new niche market of  NO-HIT PIÑATAS.

Instead of having kids bust them open by hitting them with a bat or a stick, a kid just has to pull on a string hanging from the piñata and it splits right open.


So what are your thoughts?  Do you think that piñatas are too violent.  Do you think the No-hit piñatas are a better idea for your kids.

Seriously,  "Honey go pull the string on your birthday piñata."  What fun is in that, one pull and the piñata is done.

Why is it that things that were OK for us as kids now not good or bad for our kids?