I must admit I am loving the re-runs of some of my favorite shows from my younger days.  E and I will find a show I used to watch as a youngster and he loves them as much as I did as a kid.  Here are some of my favorite old school shows that E and I watch together.


The Hub has recently been airing re-runs of this show.  I was a teenager when this showed debuted but I LOVED it.  If I couldn't make it home in the afternoons to watch it I would always record it.  E. just happened upon it the other day and now we watch it regularly.

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is timeless.  E and I watch the old episodes and the new episodes and all the movies in between.

Full House

You can find the re-runs of Full House on Nick at Nick and early in the morning.  I guess "You Got It Dude and "Ouce Cream" transcends the ages.  Or maybe it is just simply Uncle Jesse?

The Smurfs

Boomerang allows E and I to enjoy The Smurfs, however he likes the "new version" of the Smurfs much better but we still will watch an episode every now and then.

Tom and Jerry

What can I say?  A cat and mouse game is ageless as well.  I just love to listen to E giggle when he watches this show.

What old school shows do you like watching with your kids?

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