When I think of an Oreo, I think chocolate cookie with a delicious cream  middle.  Not a strange white cookie with a fruit concoction.   Oreo has had some interesting flavors, some are good and some not so good.   I like their peppermint flavor at Christmas time.  The peanut butter Oreos are good.  Even their flipped Oreo is yummy, however I really think they are having an identity crisis.  Can a fruit flavored Oreo be good?


I was in Dollar General the other day and E. pointed out the Ice Cream Oreos.  I though hmm, ice cream Oreos could be good until I read the sherbert part.  I'm not a fan of sherbert anyway and definitely not in cookie form.

Today, I saw they are releasing a watermelon Oreo.  I LOVE watermelon but I really don't think that this can be good in anyway, shape or form.


If I want fruit in my cookie I'll eat a Fruit Newton or an Oatmeal Raisin.  When I want an Oreo, I want the good old fashion cookie that I can twist then dunk in a big 'ol glass of milk.

A fruit flavored Oreo.  Why?

Would you try these?

This might be one of those don't knock it til you have tried it moments.  I might just be brave and buy a pack of the watermelon Oreos, but then again, probably not.