One of my favorite store bought cookies in the world is Oreos.  I love Oreos.  A pile of oreos and a big fat glass of milk are the perfect ending to a long stressful day.  If I could eat Oreos everyday with no consequences (you know like gaining 50 pounds) I would.  I love to twist off the top, eat the creamy center and dunk the chocolate wafer, that is how I eat my Oreos.  Whether you are a twister or a dunker or you do both like me, today is a celebration, the Oreo turns 100 today.

The Oreo Cookie or as it was first called the Oreo Biscuit was first produced at the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) at Chelesea Market Bakery in New York in 1912.  Hoboken, New Jersey was the first city to sell Oreos back on this day 100 years ago.

It is awesome to think that a cookie  survived a century and has spanned generations, after so many products have slinked out of existence.

Oreo you are my favorite whether you are by yourself, in a Blizzard, in a dirt cake, in a cheesecake or mini.  I love you Oreos!  Happy Happy Birthday!



Look closely you'll see Urkel

This is the one I remember from my childhood.

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