The storm that blew through Amarillo yesterday caused plenty of problems. There were downed power lines and even traffic accidents. Another consequence of the recent storms affects those of us who were planning on spending some time down in Palo Duro Canyon. Heads up, you'll need to change your plans.

Palo Duro Canyon Closes Hiking Trails

Earlier today, Palo Duro Canyon State Park put out a notice regarding trail closures. According to the notice, the rains caused some flash flooding. The flash flooding is what caused the trail closures. For now, the trail system at Palo Duro Canyon is closed.

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Who would think a sudden downpour of rain over a giant hole in the ground would cause problems?

The alert did go into some detail about the type of problems that can be caused if we were to go hit the trails. I had no idea that closing the trails isn't just to protect us, but it's also to protect the trails from further erosion. When you walk on the dirt that is now mud, it sticks to your shoes and you take it to other places. Obviously, this is bad news for the trails.

More Rain In The Forecast For The Texas Panhandle

Unfortunately, there's more rain in the forecast for the Texas panhandle. Fingers crossed this doesn't cause more problems for the trail system at Palo Duro Canyon. There's nothing worse than planning to go spend some time down in the canyon, only to find out the trails are closed.

If you do go spend some time in the canyon, pay attention to the signs posted on the trail gates. These signs are there to remind you that going out on the trails could be bad for you, and for the trails that we love so much.

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