It's been referred to as the "Amarillo Welcome." It's when something of yours gets broken into, and your stuff decides to walk-off.

My first winter in Amarillo is when I received mine. My passenger window on my car got popped, and the only things taken were my coats I had left in the passenger seat. It was a cold winter for me.



Andrea, just moved to the area about a month ago and received her "Amarillo Welcome" this past week. They bought a new lawn mower on a Sunday, and then it went missing.

Andrea said that it happened in broad daylight, and it wasn't that the stuff was worth much that makes her angriest. It's just the fact that it was their stuff, and someone helped themselves to it.

Unfortunately, these things happen a lot in, Amarillo. Nothing against the city itself, it's just a fact. We have a lot of people here. The more people you have, the more things like this happen.

Andrea said that they do have an excellent neighborhood watch and that everyone had information.

This is a cautionary tale. Be sure your stuff is locked up tight. If you have a home surveillance system, make sure it is running. Get to know your neighbors so you know who belongs in the neighborhood, and so you have people to ask for information should this happen to you.

And the guy who stole the lawnmower, if you are reading this ...Well, you SUCK!

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