On Tuesday, pilot Mark Simmons was towing a marriage proposal behind his small plane when he suddenly experienced engine problems and crashed off Rhode Island’s Block Island. Uh oh! We hope this isn’t a bad wedding omen.

Simmons was towing a banner that read “Michelle, will you marry me? Love, Mike” when the plane’s engine shut off 10-15 minutes into the flight and he crashed into the water.

Luckily, Simmons’ eight-year-old son heard his distress call and notified the Coast Guard. But before they could arrive on the scene, a passing boater plucked Simmons from the water.

Amazingly, Simmons was back in the air the following day to finish towing the banner like he’d been paid to do.

“Just because you get in a car crash doesn’t mean you’re never going to get into a car again,” he explained. True, but falling from the sky is different, isn’t it?

Fortunately for everyone involved, the man behind the proposal — Mike Flynn — told the media that his girlfriend said yes.

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