What is the key to happiness? Is it marriage and 2.5 kids? Do we need all the above to be happy?

Are you happy? Am I? Is it really possible to be truly happy in the world today? A world of over-sharing? A world of posting everything on social media? Are any of us truly happy?

According to a new study by behavioral scientist the happiest people overall are women who aren't married and don't have kids. That goes against everything we were ever told. But apparently those women live longer than married mothers. Oh and they tend to be healthier than them too.

Apparently it has been found that even though there is all that pressure to get married and have those kids that does not necessarily make us happier. We can have the dream of happiness without all being married with kids.

Do you think that is the same for men? Apparently not. The research shows that married men are happier and live longer than single men. Men need the marriage and family to truly be happy.

Women can be happy by themselves. Though if you find a great family that will in fact make you happy. Just know that your happiness is not tied to that fairy tale romance.


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