This sounds crazy. It really does! But it happened. Oh and no this is not part of some new and crazy game show.

Sarah Edwards from England recently married her husband, Paul, on their first date! Yes! It happened.

They got matched on a dating app. They actually, though, talked for 3 days before they had their first date. So I guess they had the chance to get to know each other some before meeting.

They decided to plan their first date by agreeing to meet at the airport. They boarded the plane and headed to Vegas! Vegas Baby! When they got their they obtained their marriage license.

Yep, you guessed it! They then got married! Sarah says the first time she kissed Paul was at their wedding! Is this romantic? Is this crazy? Maybe it will work for them. Maybe not. I guess they have as good of chance as anyone else.

Are you on any dating sites? Have you had any luck with them? Maybe your New Years Resolution is to find that perfect person for you.

Is this something you could do? Is it smart? Do you need more time than that? Let me know what you think! Comment below!

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