It happens. You make plans to go grab a few drinks with your girlfriends after work. You meet up at Bubba's 33 and think about the last time you girls all got together. This was a good time because it's one of your friends birthday's. So a little celebrating on the Thursday night.

What you didn't count on was how horrible you were going to feel the next day. It almost seemed like you were in your twenties again before you knew any better. You know to eat dinner and you did. You tried to keep up with drinking plenty of water.

Maybe you didn't have as much as you should. Your really didn't want to spend all night have to get up to use the restroom. So that is a decision you regret now. Wow. A hangover. That throbbing headache or and your stomach feels horrible too.

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What can you do? Is there a hangover cure that actually works? There just may be something that may save the day for you. Run to Walgreen, Walmart or Drug Emporium or anywhere that sells vitamins.

Look for L-cysteine. Grab a bottle and take some pronto. This may finally be what we have all been looking for a potential cure for hangovers. It does help to get rid of the headaches and nausea. Oh you may be able to face your day. Oh and not only that it helps to keep your skin, hair and nails healthy.

So as I am planning a getaway with my daughter and some friends to Vegas this may be something we need to plan to pack. I mean I don't plan on drinking heavily but it is Vegas and we are celebrating my daughter's birthday. So I feel someone in the group may benefit from this hangover help.

It may be time to make a trip to the store. Are there any other hangover hacks that you have found that works? Comment below.

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