Have you done any flying since the pandemic hit? I had a flight scheduled in March to fly to Dallas to help my daughter move. I had to go. Luckily I could just cut my losses and make the drive.

The good news is that now I have a flight credit to use for an upcoming trip. My daughter's birthday. Since she moved out of the house about 4 years ago I really haven't been able to spend a birthday of hers with her. September is always a crazy month for events. This year, thanks to covid, that is not an issue. So she is planning a few days in Vegas.

I can actually get to see her for a weekend. Which is nice. How safe, though, is it to fly. I mean you will have to take precautions of course. You are required to wear a mask when you arrive at Rick Husband International Airport, or any airport really. That will be tough for a whole flight. Oh, but it will be worth it. What else can you do to keep yourself safe.

It would probably be a good idea to take the extra time to walk a little further if you need to use the restroom. I will avoid going at all costs. I mean we are not getting drinks on the plane anymore. Oh and of course when I have free drink tickets. I for sure won't use the bathroom on the plane. I never in my life have and don't plan to do so now.

I would also make sure I have multiple masks. Depending on your flight time it is not a bad idea to switch them out. A good rule of thumb is every four hours or so. If you have disposable masks you need to make sure you toss them in the trash. If you have washable ones you may want to wash yours when you get to your location. If not, I would carry a ziplock bag to put it in until you can wash it.

I know you would think it would be safer to have your airline ticket on your phone but everything I have read shows that may not be the case. A paper ticket is safer. They scan that ticket and then you toss it. If you use your phone at check in there is a chance of contaminating it and then you can get the virus on your hand. So whenever possible get a paper ticket and toss it after.

If you can find some disinfectant wipes another help is to wipe everything down when you go to sit down. I know the airlines are doing that too but an extra layer of protection never hurts.Wipe down anything you may touch including the arm rests, table, seat belt and even the knobs above if you are one to adjust the air.

The safer the better at this time when it comes to travelling.



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