So a few weeks ago my daughter celebrated her birthday. For the past many years that means that she decided to take a trip for the occasion. She has gone to South Padre, Dallas (before she lived there), last year it was New Orleans and this year she chose Vegas.

She loves to travel, which is why she moved to Dallas. She hopes at some point this covid stuff goes away and she can go back to Plan A which is to become a flight attendant. This covid really messed those plans up for her.

So this year her and a couple friends decided Vegas it was. Now neither of these friends have ever gone before. Faith and I have been several times. This year also because of covid all of the events that normally keep me away from travelling for her birthday were cancelled. No Chamber BBQ was the big one. So my aunt who loves Vegas said she could get her and I a free room if I wanted to go. I checked with my daughter and she was excited.

So I decided to make this a trip of all trips. Since covid had a lot of stuff still shut down. The bars were closed when we went, of course they opened up the next weekend. The shows were still closed so I had to splurge and make it special other ways.

One way I thought would be great, and after reading many reviews, was to hire a limo service to greet us at the airport. I contacted Presidential Limo. They were the ones getting all the kudos.

I didn't tell my daughter or her friends about the planned ride around Vegas. I got to the airport in Vegas first because the Amarillo flight was a bit earlier in the day and of course Dallas was delayed.

The driver had already contacted me and would be at the baggage carousel when her plane got here. They already knew the plane was delayed and would give them twenty minutes to get off plane and to baggage claim.

The driver was there with a Happy Birthday sign for my daughter. She was excited when she saw it....even though she still didn't know what it meant.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

We got our luggage. Our driver, Dominique, even helped us get the luggage to the limo. I didn't skimp on the limo either. It was an SUV Limo with all the whistles and the bells.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Our driver showed us how to work the music system. Of course we had to have music blasting. He popped open a bottle of champagne to start the birthday off right.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Since it was the first trip to Vegas for my daughter's friends I had scheduled a stop at the Las Vegas sign so we could get photos.

credit : Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The driver suggested next that we stop at an off strip liquor store so we could pick up some water. It would be the cheapest place to get it. So we followed his advice and picked up two cases. One for my room and one for theirs. We then made our way to the Venetian which is where we were staying.

I will tell you that it may be a little bit on the expensive side but I also opted for them to get a return ride to the airport when their trip ended. I didn't have to but I wanted again to go all out. If you are celebrating a special occasion I would recommend hiring a limo service in Las Vegas. I do know that Presidential Limos will treat you right.

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