The greatest hair bands of all time will be playing live at the Lone Star Amphitheater in Lubbock this Saturday.  Poison will be celebrating their 25th anniversary together Texas Style.  This is one show you don't want to miss, especially if you love Poison.Amarillo got a taste when Bret Michaels performed at the Civic Center back in April.  Rick Andrews had the opportunity to talk with Bret and if you missed the interview you can hear it here.  Bret played a few of the Poison hits during the show.  However, there is nothing like seeing the band all together and rocking out.  That is exactly what you will get this Saturday.  This show is going to rock and I'm excited that it is an outdoor show.

I remember when I fell in love with Poison, I was in middle school and my cooler older cousin came to visit.  She had her cool jean jacket with Poison Pitcure buttons covering it,  she had one for each member of the band, Bret, C.C., Bobby and Rikki, she had one of the band together and she had just the Poison logo as well.

Then she busted out the tape player (for those born after 1995 you are probably asking yourself whats a tape player,) and that is when I heard my first Poison song.  I was hooked from that point on.  I loved all their albums.  I had their posters all over my room.  I repeatedly listened to my dad go off on guys wearing make-up and blah, blah, blah, but now that I look back they were the guys who first rocked the guy liner!

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From their first album "Look What The Cat Dragged In" and songs like "Talk Dirty to Me," "Cry Tough," and "I Won't Forget You Baby," it was musical love.


Then came their "Open Up and Say...Ahh!" Album, where most of the cover art was blacked out because the long pointy tongue on a demon looking girl, wasn't appropriate at the time.  But it was the album that gave us, "Nothing But a Good Time,"  "Fallen Angel," "Your Mama Don't Dance," and the legendary, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."


Then "Flesh and Blood" in 1990 was released with "Unskinny Bop," and "Something to Believe In."


I must admit I didn't stick around for their album, "Native Tongue," released in 1993 because it just wasn't the same without C.C. Deville.

They were with me growing up, but it wasn't until around 2000 that I was able to see them live in concert for the very first time right here in Amarillo.  I was so completely excited and it was like I was that kid again sitting at my Meme's with my cousin hearing Poison for the first time.

Re-live your favorite musical moments with Poison this Saturday for their 25th Anniversary Concert.   I know I will be reliving my favorite memories this Saturday night with Poison at the Lone Star Amphitheater.

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