Nothing irks us more as writers than thinking up a great idea and forgetting it because we didn’t commit it to paper. This very lucky writer ain’t got nothing on us.

Trish Vickers of Dorset, England has been writing manuscripts and novels since she lost her sight seven years ago. Instead of typing them on a computer, she writes all of her manuscripts by hand and her son, Simon, reads it back to her during their visits.

Unfortunately, Simon discovered during a visit in 2011 that her latest 26-page contribution was nothing but a series of blank pages. It turns out the pen she was using to write her manuscript had run out of ink and she didn’t know it.

The two pondered the problem long and hard until a strange idea entered their minds. Why not call the police?

We battled with various ideas until we thought of the police,” Trish said. “We rang them and asked to speak to their fingerprint section. They said if there was anything they could do they would be happy to help.”

Officers worked in their spare time using forensic investigation technology and techniques to reconstruct the words she wrote when her pen ran out of ink. They presented Vickers with her missing words last week. She said the officers who reviewed it can’t wait to read the rest.

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