Every year presents a new apocalypse for the film industry and every year sees movies and theaters evolving to match the increasingly strange age that we live in. However, Hollywood's evolution may not be happening fast enough to win back certain audiences. A new Harris Poll asked Americans about their moviegoing habits and the results are a fascinating combination of the surprising and the not-so-surprising.

The first statistic may be the one that raises the most eyebrows: while 68% of those who participated in the poll say that they went to the movies at least once in 2013, 66% say that they're going to the movies less now than they were a few years ago. More damning are the 57% who say that they prefer watching movies at home than in a theater. The 21% who prefer going to the theater cited superior picture and audio quality as well as the chance to escape from everyday life. Those who forego the theatrical experience cited high concession prices and rude moviegoers as the main reasons why they steer clear of the multiplex. And, 69% of those polled believe that 3D is just an excuse to charge more money.

But, the poll wasn't all doom and gloom. 32% say that good word of mouth will bring them to a new movie and 30% say that a sequel to something they love will get them to leave the house. Naturally, spouses were listed as the most common moviegoing companion, but women said they go to movies more often with friends and men were more inclined to go alone. And America's three favorite movie stars? In order: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Jennifer Lawrence.

For a look at all of the stats, charts and other minutiae, you can click right here.

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