Thanks to MDNA Skin, we now know that Madonna, Queen of Pop, is hoping to once again get behind the camera next year and direct another film.

While Madge continues to reign supreme on the music scene, her movie history is...well, notably less illustrious: between acting, directing, writing and production, she's been involved in well over two dozen major films, from her low-budget debut in 1979 working on a A Certain Sacrifice to her groundbreaking 1991 documentary Truth Or Dare to 1996's Golden Globe-winning turn in Evita her own directed W.E. in 2011. Along the way, she's racked up accolades and Golden Raspberries alike — as always, the divisive queen.

But here's the question: which turn was her most successful? Does she shine the brightest as an actress, or do her directorial efforts do the most justice? Vote in the poll below — the winner will be revealed on November 15.

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