I've never been a fan of cold weather, but even here in the Panhandle we get our share of it during the winter.

With cold weather comes the potential of your pipes freezing.

If you're not careful, frozen pipes can lead to bursting pipes and a pretty hefty repair bill. So, here are a few tips to keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

1. Leave your faucets running slightly.

As long as a trickle of water is moving through the pipes they won't have the opportunity to freeze.

2. If you have pipes inside of cabinets and closet doors, leave them open.

This will help the heat in the house circulate into areas that are normally closed off.'

3. If you have a garden hose make sure to disconnect it so water does not freeze in it.

If connected, the frozen water in the hose could send pressure and cold back through the pipes and into your house.

The American Red Cross has some more great tips for preventing frozen pipes and keeping your house warm during bitter winter weather.

On a side not, always make sure your furry little family members are inside the house where it's safe and warm during nasty weather.

Meme all tucked in on a cold day.
courtesy of rick andrews