My favorite time of year in Amarillo is Sunday afternoons in the Fall, fireplace going, and football on television. Believe it for not, football season has begun!

In case you missed it last Friday night, Baltimore beat Chicago in the 2018 Hall Of Fame game, the usual open, to the NFL season. People can, and will argue, about Pro Football all season. I grew up watching football as a family and raised my kids to do the same. My youngest son is a Marine, and he's told me, to enjoy the games.

For local Dallas Cowboys fans, their first Pre-Season game in Thursday night, 9 pm, in San Francisco. I'll watch it, but I put little stock into Pre-Season games. The teams won't have their starters on the field much, nor will we see plays, that we'll see when the season start.

Most schools in Amarillo & Canyon, are starting up is just over a week. High school football will get underway, as will WT (GO BUFFS GO & Texas Tech will hit the gridiron, soon.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for me. I'm ready to watch football all weekend and I'm ready for that cold weather.

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