When I saw the news, I have to admit I was stunned. While I personally don't use the app (I don't even have it on my phone), I do understand the grip it has on the world. It's an insanely popular app.

Say goodbye to TikTok at WTAMU. It's banned now. Sort of.

Why Is TikTok Banned From WTAMU?

You see, this is where things get a bit muddled. It wasn't the decision of faculty at WT. There wasn't a committee that got together to save the kids by banning thirst traps (ask someone younger than you if you don't know).

No, you need look no further than the Governor's Office for this one.

That's right. According to a memo that was shared on Facebook, TikTok is no more at WT thanks to an order issued by Governor Abbott. TikTok is banned from state networks and devices.

The order was issued on Dec 7. WTAMU made the post on Dec 14.

The reasoning behind the decision is that TikTok is infamous for the amount of data that it collects regarding users. That information then, supposedly, gets passed along to "nation and state actors."

The memo says this is no longer just a privacy concern, but one of cybersecurity. So, no TikTok on state issued phones, computers, you name it.

Can Students Still Use TikTok At WTAMU?

Judging from the memo, yes...for the moment. On personal devices, you are still able to use TikTok.

Don't worry kids. You can still scroll mindlessly through whichever "Tok" you find yourself belonging to.

The memo does state that in January there will be more guidance.

How Absolutely Insane Is All This?

Pretty insane. If you had asked me years ago when the crap-tastic app Musical.ly was around if I ever thought that its successor would need a "response plan," I'll be honest and say I would have laughed in your face.

Somehow, the company behind that horrible app was able to transition to TikTok, migrate the users, and then take the world by storm. Then, a handful of years later, we would need a response plan because officials are afraid of the app collecting so much freaking data on its users.

It's like something out of a really weird sci-fi film when you think about it.

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