Summer camps were always a big part of my daughter growing up. She did them all. From Girl Scout to camps at Amarillo College and of course all the sports camps. The ones she looked forward to the most were at WT.

Being able to stay overnight in a dorm. That is any middle school kids dream. So they could dream of their days going off to college. She went to basketball camps and volleyball camps. They were really a lot of fun and they learned so much. Oh and they came home exhausted.

Well another casualty of the coronavirus today. As West Texas A&M announced that their summer camps would all be cancelled. I mean it makes sense since all of the camps were run by the students and faculty of the university. It's still a sad deal. There will not be band camp or any of the sports camps this summer. Here is the announcement from the band concerning summer camps:

Due to complications caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, West Texas A&M University has elected to cancel all camps (academic and athletic) this summer. While we are deeply saddened by the reality of this situation, we believe this to be the prudent course of action and applaud the decision. It is going to take all of our collective efforts to bring back the WTAMU Band Camp in the summer of 2021. Our camp, and others like it, help shape the lives of so many student musicians, and are far too important to be casualties of this unfortunate pandemic. We support this difficult decision made by our WTAMU administration to put the health considerations of the students, faculty and staff first and foremost.

I get that it is necessary. It is just another sad announcement this year. As "school" will be ending soon and parents will be needing places for the kiddos to go this summer I feel this is not the first of camps to cancel.


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