I always heard while my daughter was growing up how big volleyball is here in Amarillo. I got to watch is first hand. It is so much fun. The girls here are on a whole other level. One of my favorite times was when my daughter was playing.

She started playing and going to camps in the second grade. We travelled a lot. Oh the friends you make. Volleyball is also a great team sport and a great way to teach discipline. Last year of course was the year that most sports were cancelled. Summer camps went down the drain too.

Here we are in 2021 and everything is starting to bounce back. So the announcement from WT came out about their volleyball camps and how they are a go this year:

We are excited to announce dates for the 2021 Lady Buff Volleyball Camps!! Depending on grade level, each camp will help develop any area YOU are wanting!!
... you didn’t get this chance last year so mark your calendars and keep a out for more info on registration.
They will have several to choose from/ There is a Middle School Camp 7/6 - 7/8. A High School Camp and a High School Competition Camp from 7/6 - 7/8. There will be a Positions Camp, one for servers and one for setters 7/9 -7/10. Finally there is a Lil Buffs Camp 7/12 - 7/13.
So while the memories of cancellations of the past year are still fresh on our minds. Now is the time to get back to living our lives and taking advantage of the stuff being offered. If you have a volleyball player these were always great camps to attend.

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