More and more cases of rabies are being reported in Amarillo.

Typically, only a handle full of rabies cases gets reported in the Amarillo area every year. 2019 has been a different story, there have been 28 cases of rabies reported. Being that this is only the fourth month of the year this is something that should be taken seriously.

Rabies is a dangerous disease that is transferred through the saliva of animals. In most cases, rabies is found in wild animals like skunks and raccoons. But as the story of Old Yeller has taught us, this disease can infect domesticated animals as well.

The City of Amarillo Department of Public Health is urging people to take precautions. Make sure your dogs and valuable livestock animals are up to date on their vaccinations and are kept inside as much as possible.

If you come across an unfamiliar animal like a skunk it is important not to handle them. if you are worried about an animal well being please go through the proper authorities.

Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society: (806) 373-1716

Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: (806) 680-2483

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