Rick Springfield was one of the hotties we all fell in love with in the 80s.  The hot guy on stage belting out songs about wanting Jessie's Girl.  Stole our hearts as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.  Of course we had to record that on our VCRs.  We now have the chance to relive some of those Rick Springfield crushes because he is coming to Amarillo on October 23rd.

York's Medical is bringing the legendary Rick Springfield to Amarillo.  He will be live at the Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium on Friday, October 23rd.  Rick will be performing all his hits and some of his new stuff.  Plus you just might get to hear some of the music from Ricki and the Flash.

Don't deny you always wanted to be Jessie's Girl

You have to watch this just for the futuristic aspect.  Check out the computer.

When it comes to Rick Springfield, you know it's an affair of the heart.

So get ready for a great concert!  If you grew up loving Rick Springfield you now have the opportunity to introduce your kids to this awesome artist.  So why not do something great and get tickets for the entire family.   It'll be a great show.

Rick Springfield with Special guests the Electric Gypsies

Friday, October 23rd

Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium

Portion of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters and other non-profit organizations.



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