There have been a lot of rumors of possible immigration raids hitting Lubbock. Raids have been happening in the past week in many states like Georgia, New York, California, and Texas. Could Amarillo be ICE's next stop? 

According to and immigration raids have been big talk around town. Lubbock immigration attorney, Paola Ledesma, says:

"There have not been any major raids in Lubbock under the President Trump's term in office, but ICE and Homeland Security are certainly still at work in the Hub City,

...Trump's policies and rhetoric are focused on targeting undocumented individuals with criminal records."

Ledesma also tells her clients not to panic and continue their lives as they usually would. Paola also said:

"Try not to commit any crimes, but obviously we don't know what's going to happen with these executive orders, with the ICE raids."

Lubbock attorney David Strange says,

"Immigration is not going to take someone away from their house and leave minor children unattended, but giving power of attorney to someone else may jeopardize you and may put you a disadvantage, you don't need to do that,

...It's your decision, if you elect to stay here unlawfully, that's your choice, but everybody knows what ICE's job is."

With the rumors flying around in Lubbock about immigration raids do you think Amarillo is going to be their next stop? Have you heard of anything yet?


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