I love when food gets their own day. National Ice Cream Day, Steak Day, or Calf Fry day. Is that a thing? It should be. Maybe tomorrow, we'll put calf fries on pizza!

American's love affair with pizza has been happening for a long time. Italian immigrants brought here in the 19th century. The American Pizzeria opened in 1905 but it was the soldiers returning home from WWII that brought to its current prominence. We turned up some facts about America and it's favorite round food.

1. 98% of Americans LIKE pizza! 54% say they LOVE pizza.

2. One in three of us, eat it at least, once a week.

3.  34% of us would eat it as our last meal on earth. 26 million would give it up sex for a year if it meant unlimited pizza.

4. The most popular toppings are pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and bacon. The least popular are anchovies, eggplant, pineapple, and artichokes.

5. Americans prefer "regular" crusts. Thin came in second, and deep dish is third.

When I move to Amarillo years ago, one of the first places I learned to find, was the Pizza Planet on Paramount. I haven't found a frozen pizza I've ever liked and I do love some gourmet pizzas. Putting green chilies on a pizza was genius!

What is YOUR favorite Amarillo pizza and where do you get it? Let us know in the comments below!

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