Happy National Pizza Day.  Pizza is one of the best foods in the world.  I still find myself shocked when someone tells me they don't like pizza.  You can find so many varieties of pizza anymore that pizza isn't just pizza, it's an art form.  So here are some places where you can find the best pizza in Amarillo.

7710 Hillside or 2803 Civic Circle
575 has a awesome selection of great pizza.  They also offer a wide selection of craft beer and some of the best Sangria anywhere.  This is a fun, family friendly establishment and is perfect for National Pizza Day.

34th and Georgia

I haven't had a chance to try Pizza 9 it is a fairly new establishment, but I have heard nothing but great things about their pizza.

3562 Soncy Rd

The first time I ate at Palio's, I opted for a salad and then I went to a lunch meeting and they had pizza from Palio's. I tried the Hawaiian Sunrise and it was the weirdest most delicious pizza I think I have ever consumed.

7306 SW 34th - In the Back of the Summit Shopping Center

Fire Slice is a hidden gem.  Literally.  It is hidden behind the Summit Shopping Center in the back, but let me tell you it has some really great pizza.  I am a fan of their white pizzas, but their entire menu is great.  The pizza will definitely fill you up, but get the sweet potato fries as an appetizer you won't regret it!

Who in Amarillo do you think has the best pizza?

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