Cassidy's, established in 1984, has been the last hold out of a bygone era in Amarillo. Topless bars are now a thing of the past in Yellow City.

According to an individual who was employed at Cassidy's for almost two decades, the last night of Cassidy's operating as Amarillo's only topless bar was Sunday. Due to personal issues outside of the club, those running Cassidy's decided it was time to hang it up.

According to the zoning restrictions, that building can no longer be used as a topless bar. Even with the prospects of new ownership (which there is rumored to be already), it will have to reopen as a different type of venue. Allegedly the push might be to turn it into a bikini bar.

Here is the section regarding topless bars and it explains how Cassidy's was able to continue to operate as a topless bar after the changes took place, and it's really specific:

(24b) Topless Establishments: Any business activity which offers the opportunity (whether as a single activity or in conjunction with any other business activity) to view male or female naked breasts or breasts that are partially clothed in a manner that leaves uncovered or visible through less than opaque clothing any portion of the breast below the areola, and where the genial areas and anus are covered by a g-string or other opaque covering.


Note: Ord. No. 6681, § 3, adopted Sept. 30, 2003 states "Any premises that is already used as a Topless Establishment on the date of first reading of this ordinance, and which does not comply with the location requirement of this ordinance, may continue in operation as a non-conforming use until any of the following events occurs:" (a) Cessation of doing business as a Topless Establishment for a continuous period of 180 days or more; or, (b) A change in (i) the ownership of the real estate upon which the Topless Establishment is located or (ii) the tenant which operates a Topless Establishment on the premises, either or both of which occurs after September 30, 2007, or (c) Destruction of the Topless Establishment by fire, the elements, or other causes that exceeds fifty (50) percent of the Structure's value as shown of the current tax rolls.



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