It looks like the drama, the saga, the wondering-if, is all finally over. News was put out today, via social media, that Amarillo Poker Club is going to be able to open up.

It's about time.

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This Has Been A Long Time Coming

If you'll think back to earlier this year, I wrote a piece about the drama surrounding a potential poker club opening in Amarillo. Those hoping to open the club had met with plenty of opposition over the years.

Fortunately, it looks like the wait is finally over and poker is going to officially be in Amarillo.

Legit Poker In A Nice Facility

If you're a poker fan, you know that Texas has several great poker clubs across the state. The vast majority of them are nice facilities, some of them even border on competing with rooms in Vegas for the quality of environment they provide.

The best part though is that they are a place where you can legally get together with your friends and enjoy playing poker. As we've talked about before, some of my best friends were made sitting around felt.

No Word Yet On An Opening Date

In the social media post put out this afternoon, no official opening date is set. Fingers crossed it's soon.

I know the owners are beyond ready to finally open the doors to their poker club in Amarillo.

What To Do While We Wait For Amarillo Poker Club To Open

First, download PokerAtlas on your phone. It's an app that many poker players are already familiar with, and Amarillo Poker Club is already listed on.

You can see when the club is open and, even better, you can reserve your spot at a table.

You can also brush up on Kid Poker's podcast that he has going, watch some WSOP or WPT, and buy a new pair of shades (or work on your Phil Ivey crazy eyes).

Also, be sure to go like their Facebook page to keep up on the latest.

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