There's been a lot of buzz around town about Amarillo's new "social" club. What started out as Amarillo Poker Club is now Amarillo Social Club, and since they've opened there has been a steady stream of poker players, and even some tournaments for those of us who enjoy tournament play.

So, here's what to expect when playing in a poker tournament in Amarillo.

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Expect The Tournament To Be Full

There is no shortage of people wanting to get in on the action when a tournament rolls around. I've played in two.

The first was the Saturday after they opened. The tournament was quickly filled after the doors opened, and alternates stood around hoping for a chance to take a seat.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

If you plan on playing in a tournament at Amarillo Social Club, get there early.

Tournaments Move Quick

In both tournaments I've played in, levels went up quick which meant the tournament didn't last forever. I made it to the final table in my second tournament, and the whole thing was wrapped up in just about four hours.

The first tournament I played in lasted for about four and a half hours total. You won't be sacrificing your whole day or night playing in one of these tournaments.

Get The Poker Atlas App

Everything you're going to need to know about the tournament will be on the app. The structure of the tournament is there. The cost is there.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

It's also where you can find a full calendar of upcoming tournaments so you don't have to keep asking your friends when the next one is.

It's Honestly A Really Good Time

Even if you aren't well versed in the game of poker, it's a good time. There are people of all skill levels and experience playing. I haven't seen anyone lose it over a bad beat, or get mad. It's actually really nice compared to a lot of other places I've played in.

In my most recent tournament, I was able to walk away with a win. I fought my way back from being the short stack to taking the chip lead. It was a grind, but I had fun and I got my shirt.

Tournament action kicks back off this weekend, starting Saturday afternoon. Keep up with Amarillo Social Club on Facebook for all of the details, or check them out on Poker Atlas.

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