Okay, so anyone from Amarillo knows the story of “Dr” Michael Thomas Dixon.

He was obsessed with a woman, It happens, ...I guess? What doesn’t usually happen is a love triangle followed by murder for hire. What also doesn’t happen is one being released from prison. But he was, and now he's a free man awaiting ANOTHER trial.

He has already been tried twice. How much more money is going to be wasted on this case Someone on Facebook said, “I don’t know why money in Amarillo talks.” I watch enough Investigation Discovery to know there is something foul going on here.

But 20/20 has the whole story on Friday at 8pm with updates about the case and trial. I hate Amarillo being in the spotlight for something bad. Everyone I saw commenting on the 20/20 video was either from Amarillo and know what the updates are, or were confused why they were doing another story on this situation.

Really? A love triangle! Being paid off in silver bars and cigars! Thomas Dixon is lucky to be out, he really is! Just know that Dr. Joseph Sonnier (notice no quotes because he is a REAL doctor) and his family can only be reeling after all this. Really?

Let him out? Really? I know I am not judge or jury but I have been on enough juries to know...really?

Turn in to 20/20 on Friday at 8 pm to hear all that I don’t, and won’t say!




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