I know that the question of 'should casino gambling be legalized in Texas?' is a pretty much yes or no answer. Not many people sit on the fence on this issue, but after spending some time in a couple of states that have casino gambling (New Mexico and Maine) I've learned a few of the benefits it can bring with it.

It would bring a lot of job opportunities to the community. This could be through the building of a casino and followed by the work force that would be needed once it was up and running.

After a casino is built, next comes a hotel attached to it. More job opportunities. Casinos like to keep the profits on their property (a percentage is given to the city), so a hotel build next too or around the casino would keep tourists self-contained to one location.

Following the hotel, a new venue is built to house the concerts that the casino would bring to town. This would mean a string of great shows that are driving the I-40 corridor. The big shows will usually hit Dallas and then head to Albuquerque, NM, so when they are planning their tours, it would be easy to add an Amarillo date in between.

Expect the ticket prices to be reasonable. The venue would be big enough to house a large capacity and, because of that, it would drive the ticket price down. The more it can hold, the lower the ticket price. The object of the concert (for the casino) is to break even and pay for the show. The profit comes as the concert goers then head into the casino to play the slots and table games.

With a casino and a big concert venue, Amarillo would get more tourists to visit our fine area and spend their money, which will help our economy.

The majority of the people that would hit the casinos are from out of town. I know that when I lived in New Mexico, the only time I stepped foot in a casino was to either see a show or do something with the radio station there. I may have spent $20 at the slot machine in a year total.

Job opportunities, influx of money in the economy and some big name concerts. Now that's a bet I'm willing to take.

How about you?


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