It seems to be a never-ending debate, in Texas. Should students be allowed to carry their smartphones with them in class? Parents and educators both have voiced their disdain for the distracting pieces of technology, while other parents and educators have voiced their support of children being able to contact parents in case of an emergency, or being able to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Either way, it seems more and more school districts are making moves to try and get smartphones out of classrooms.

The Debate On Whether or Not To Allow Smartphones In Classrooms In Texas

It's still raging on. It probably will for the foreseeable future. What changes is how some school districts are tackling the problem.

The most extreme and inventive method for dealing with the smartphone issue in Texas goes to this school district which decided to issue a fine, so to speak, for a student to get their phone back. Mansfield ISD has a policy that states phones must be turned off or stored away during class. If a student breaks the rules, the phone is confiscated, and will have to pay $15 to get it back.

Other schools are trying their best to combat what they call "distractions in the classroom". This year has seen more school districts in Texas either adjust their policies or just outright ban phones like West Texas High School did in 2021.

Are Cell Phone Bans In Texas Schools Legal?

As of right now, there's nothing that says a teacher is not allowed to confiscate a phone when a student violates school policy. Honestly, I can't say that I ever see that changing. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents have all been at odds forever over distractions in the classroom. A big difference this time around is that the "distraction" is also a line of communication between parents and their students.

As we make our way through the second half of the current school year, keep an eye out for any changes to your child's school. It seems every year more and more schools are changing their policies and getting more strict about smartphones in the classroom.

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