If the current weather models hold up, Amarillo and the panhandle are in for a rough weekend. We have snow in the forecast along with ice. When you need weather information, make it Mix 94-1.

Melissa and I, are thrilled to joined every morning by John Harris from KAMR Local 4 News. John is with us twice an hour from 6-9 Monday-Friday. If the weather turns bad enough to close schools and businesses. we'll get keep you up to date on the air and online.

The upcoming winter blast was all the talk, everywhere I went today. Melissa is the first person I see every morning and the first to mention snow totals of 10 inches. Others were saying 6.

Ice will be issue with predictions of 3/10th of an inch, and that's a lot when it freezes up  on tree limbs and power lines. Get your flashlights ready, and stock up on firewood, if you can, just in case. Don't forget your pets! Bring them in and make sure they stay warm.

When you need us, we're there for you.

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