The joke is that you can only count on two things, death and taxes, but that's not necessarily true. You can always count on Mix 94.1 to bring you the Holiday hits 24/7 as we get towards the end of the year.

Just like last year, at the The Great Turkey Drop with the High Plains Food Bank, Lori and I were asked one of the most famous questions we get starting in October, "When are you going to start playing Christmas music?"

Well keep reading to find out IF I actually know the answer.

Looking back over the past seven years of being here at Mix, I don't think we have launched Christmas music on the same day twice. I know that last year we got a lot of 'push back' about launching so early. It was close to two weeks before Thanksgiving when we starting the Holiday hits.

Last year was a really unusual 'animal' though. If you remember, we were still hitting temps in the 70s into December and if memory serves me correct, we didn't even get our first snow until January.

Most of the people that I talk to or reach out to me want to start hearing Christmas music on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. The response I normally get is, "let's at least get to Thanksgiving before we hear Christmas tunes" or "one Holiday before the other, please."

I'd love to think that whenever we decide to go all Christmas that everyone will be happy about it, but I know I can't make everyone happy (although I really do try).

So, to answer the question of "When is Mix going all Christmas Music?' it's tricky to confirm a specific day. We are looking at the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday at the latest. But, if we get a strong cold front rolling in and staying for awhile and it starts to 'look/feel' like winter outside, then we could go earlier.

To help us out, please choose from one of the below answers and let us know your thoughts.