I get that as things get cancelled we are all a little bummed out. So when I read on Facebook about the Amarillo Symphony cancelling their annual Happy Holiday Pops I couldn’t help but feel a little sad about it.
A lot of people loved to head to the Amarillo Globe News Center to hear all the great Christmas music...but that is the problem. A lot of people loved to go and in 2020 we can’t have a lot of people anywhere.
So as the numbers are still high and places like the Amarillo Civic Center has to close....this only makes sense. It’s still one less event to help celebrate Christmas.
credit: Amarillo Symphony Facebook Page
credit: Amarillo Symphony Facebook Page

I know I am not alone in wanting next year to get here as soon as possible and things to get back to normal as soon as possible.
The announcement from the Amarillo Symphony’s Facebook page:
The Amarillo Symphony regrets to announce the cancelation of the live performance of Happy Holiday Pops, originally scheduled for December 19, 2020. Current health concerns and the city’s restrictions on its facilities have led the Symphony to re-envision what Happy Holiday Pops will look like this year.
If you are a Happy Holiday Pops ticket buyer, you have several options with regards to purchased tickets. Please call our office at 806.376.8782 or email info@amarillosymphony.org to discuss these options.
The Symphony is planning to provide digital content for Happy Holiday Pops so keep an eye out for information about that coming soon! We remain confident that live concerts will return and that audience and musicians will be able to gather again to celebrate great music in the Texas Panhandle.

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