In case you missed it, reports came out last month that Jamiel Alexander Chagra Nichols was arrested on charges related to dealing drugs. If the Chagra part of that name looks familiar, there's a very good reason why. He's the son of the infamous El Paso drug trafficker Jimmy Chagra.

As the great 20th century poet once said, isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?

According to the news reports at the time, Jamiel was allegedly found to be in possession of almost 22,000 doses of LSD. He was arrested on multiple charges.

What made this particular story so interesting is who his dad was. Jimmy Chagra, who died in 2008 at the age of 63, was notorious.

You might remember him most from news stories about attempts to assassinate judges and prosecutors. On one occasion, a US district judge was fatally shot. Guess whose trial he was going to be presiding over.

The investigation into the murder would become one of the largest federal investigations ever conducted in the US.

Chagra wound up being acquitted of most of the charges relating to the death of the district judge. He would spend time in prison for other charges, mostly related to drug trafficking, a failed assassination attempt, and he did catch some charges for obstructing the investigation into the death of the district judge.

A fascinating fact about Jimmy Chagra that completely blew my mind, before he became known as El Paso's most infamous drug trafficker, he was supposedly a carpet salesman. He was also, supposedly, a high stakes gambler.

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