As we all sat in quarantine looking for things to do, creativity came out in full force. Inspire Amarillo put together a contest called "Stay Home & Sing", and now the overall winners are going to get their time to shine.

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The winning group who calls themselves "Connect 4" is made up of 4 members. Jimmy Newman, Kinsey Newman, Rene Brain and Hayley Sessions laid down an amazing version of the Bill Withers classic "Lean On Me". Now, they'll get to perform it live...and in person this time at the Sod Poodles game on June 11. You can check out the Zoom performance they did below.

According to the Inspire Amarillo website, there were over 100 entries sent in, 86,000+ votes, over 2 million people reached and most importantly, over $111,000 raised for multiple charities and organizations.

Connect 4 weren't the only winners in the contest. There were 8 different categories that yielded winners. The categories were Open, Musicians, Teams, Families, Media, Church Choirs & Worship Bands, Healthcare Professionals & First Responders and School-Affiliated Music Groups. You can see all the winners in Inspire Amarillo's website.

In addition to providing us with some much needed entertainment during the pandemic, it also yielded desperately needed money for 6 Amarillo organizations. High Plains Children's Home, The Education Foundation of Canyon ISD, Bushland Educational Foundation, AHD Band Parents Association, The Khuri Foundation and High Plains Food Bank all received monetary donations from the public during the contest.

So get your tix for the Sod Poodles game for this Friday, June 11 and support this once in a lifetime performance for Connect 4...and of course some Sod Poodles baseball!

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