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So we all know that Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. What they don't mention but is a matter of fact is that if you have a lot of family and they are staying with you...guess what? The added laundry you will have.

Oh and don't think if you have college kids that they won't be coming home with loads and loads of laundry for you to do too. Yep, welcome to the holidays and more laundry for you.

So I found some items to help you keep your cool and make laundry a bit easier and even cost effective for you at your time of need




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    FURZAPPER Genuine 2-Pack- Pet Hair Remover for Laundry

    You want to keep your guests clothes clear of all your pets hair. BUY IT HERE.

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    Eco Friendly and Chemical Free Washer Laundry Balls from All Natural Alternative Laundry Detergent For up to 1000 Washings Set of 2

    To keep the cost of ALL the laundry down. Try these for detergent. This is what I use. I LOVE them. Buy them HERE.

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    HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag, Machine Washable Dirty Clothes Organizer, Large Enough to Hold 4 Loads of Laundry, Easy Fit a Laundry Hamper or Basket, Light Blue and Grey

    How about giving each one of your guests their own laundry bag to keep clothes organized and off the ground. OH and they are cute. Check it out HERE.

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    Laundry Science Premium Regular Bra Wash Bag for Bras Lingerie and Delicates Set of 3

    Oh and you want to keep all your guest's unmentionables safe. Get it HERE.

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    Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack XL, 100% Organic Natural New Zealand Wool for Laundry, Reducing Static & Drying Time, Premium Reusable Natural Fabric Softener, No Chemical Composition, Gray

    If you are saving on the laundry detergent you might as well save on fabric softener too....add some essential oils like lavender and your clothes will still small all pretty. But it HERE.

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    LINE 39 Pinot Noir, 750 ml

    When it's all said and done and all the clothes are folded you my friend deserve this. Check it out HERE.

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