Food Critters
Let's face it the world  is an imperfect place and yes we have bugs and critters everywhere.  However, when it comes to the food we eat and those bugs we don't want the two to mix.  Unfortunately it happens and it can be horrifying when it happens.
Bugs In School Food
A student at Conroe, Texas' Caney Creek High School nearly chowed down on bugs that were mixed in with broccoli served by the cafeteria.
16 Breathtaking Photos of Ladybugs
Continuing our unofficial "Stop Being Afraid of Insects" series, here are 16 pictures of ladybugs. Granted, most people aren't afraid of ladybugs, but they've probably never seen that video of a ladybug taking off in super-slow motion. Or had a house infested with them. They can be pretty …
Cockroaches Take Over a Bus Bound for New York [VIDEO]
This would be one of my worst nightmares come trues.  Imagine yourself traveling on public transportation, a bus, when out of nowhere hundreds of these nasty creatures start crawling all over you and the walls.  That is exactly what happened to unsuspected riders in New York.  You wou…

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