Muttfest 2021 Is Happening This Year In A New Location
One of the staples that is Amarillo has always been Muttfest. It's a day you get to bring your dogs out to the park and have all kinds of fun. Of course like everything last year it was cancelled. Here we are in 2021 and yes, Muttfest will be going on again.
Amarillo SPCA Finally Had To Cancel Muttfest for 2020
Like 2020 hasn't already been a kick in the behind. It sure has seen it's share of cancellations. Some events tried to do the safe thing and just postpone until a later date. Their hopes were that things would get back to normal before cancellation.
Day of the Dog
We have the perfect event for you and your dogs.  Make plans to attend MuttFest 2017. It's a day of fun for you, your furry friends and your little ones.
MuttFest 2011 In Amarillo Texas [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]
If you missed MuttFest 2011, here are some pics and a video of an awesome frisbee competition. There were dogs from all over the panhandle and the crowd was huge. With such a great turn out, veterinary services from Lonestar Veterinary Clinic and BBQ Sandwiches from Rudy's BBQ, MuttFest 2011 wa…