Like 2020 hasn't already been a kick in the behind. It sure has seen it's share of cancellations. Some events tried to do the safe thing and just postpone until a later date. Their hopes were that things would get back to normal before cancellation.

One of the events that tried to take that approach was Muttfest. It has been held for 27 years. It started as a smaller event and grew into this greatness that would happen out at Memorial Park near Amarillo College.

Everyone would bring their dogs. They would have fun activities for them. There would be discounted immunizations and micro chipping. Heck that in itself brought many of people and their furry friends. There were also all sorts of fun contests for the dogs to enter too.

credit: Amarillo SPCA FB page
credit: Amarillo SPCA FB page

Usually this event happens in May but the Amarillo SPCA kept out hopes that if they kept pushing it back a bit further in the summer that it would end up being able to happen. Their hopes were to wait until the dog days of summer. Yes, that pun was intended.

Here we are in July and the announcement finally came out:

Amarillo SPCA Cancellation of MUTTFEST for 2020
For the first time in 27 years, Amarillo SPCA will not be hosting Muttfest in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We waited as long as possible holding on to the hope that we could have it but, in the interest and safety of our wonderful supporters and volunteers, we made the decision to not have it this year.
We are planning to make next year’s Muttfest the biggest ever!
Muttfest was named as one of the Top Three Fairs/Festivals in 2019 (Globe News Best of Amarillo) and having the event at Starlight Ranch should only add to our success in 2021.
Prepaid sponsorships and vendor booth fees are being refunded.

So sadly, yes, it had to be cancelled but it looks like the event in 2021 will be bigger and better than ever. So here we are anxiously awaiting a new year already.

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