Today Is Another Good Day In Amarillo
Yesterday I was doing some work at the radio station. When I left I ran over to the Walgreens just down the street. As I walked in I realized that today is my second favorite holiday. First being the day after Valentines Day.
Peeps Play Dough
When it comes to Easter one of the many things our kids will find in their Easter baskets is Peeps.  Bunny Peeps, chick Peeps,  pink Peeps, blue Peeps, purple Peeps, here a Peep, there a Peep, everywhere a Peep, Peep.  A Lot of the time those Peeps, get old and hard and get thrown in …
The Proper Way to Eat PEEPS®
With Easter coming up this weekend, the PEEPS® have hatched into beautiful color.  Pink, yellow, blue, just to name a few.  So the question that I find myself asking is how do you eat a PEEP®?