Yesterday I was doing some work at the radio station. When I left I ran over to the Walgreens just down the street. As I walked in I realized that today is my second favorite holiday. First being the day after Valentines Day.

Today being the day after Easter and everything on the shelf that is Easter related will be half off. Is there a better candy than those dang Reese’s Easter Eggs? I am not even against Peeps. I have always been a fan. Even those chocolate bunny rabbits.

So if we did not get our fill of Easter goodies yesterday. I mean I don’t have a kid at home so no Easter baskets. So I do look forward to my share of Easter Candy on a day like today. The day that we can go to any store and reap the rewards of the day. All Easter stuff being fifty percent off.

Hey even if you like decorating for Easter you can get all your decorations at least fifty percent off. This is not limited to just candy. It's just that the candy is what I most look forward to grabbing on a day like today.

I did notice that the Walgreens on Bell was pretty picked over so I may need to find backup. Luckily all places with Easter Candy will have the sale. They need to move on to the next big holiday. Is it Christmas already?? I feel that is the holiday that starts earlier and earlier every year.

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