I have lived in Amarillo for a large portion of my life. I know how construction can be. It seems it is never over. It’s part of life that we jus have to deal with. Once it is done then in a certain area it gets better but while it is going on it can seem just the longest.

Case in point, I live near and use Georgia Street a lot. It is my go to place. I use it to get to Market Street, to Walgreens, to get gas, I mean I am always on Georgia.

This was not a fun weekend as Georgia is now the street getting a redo. It started with the signs. You couldn’t turn on Georgia as you are exiting I40 going west. That made for a longer trip as you had to detour. Luckily that got cleared up later in the day on Saturday. It seems though to be an ever changing set of closures in the area.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

You still can’t enter I40 going west. So you have to take the access road to Western to finally get on the highway. That will be a pain for me heading to the radio station each day. Luckily I am heading there before 5 am so that may help a little. But traveling on I40 going either direction be prepared for some backup.

This is a nightmare for me and I already dread it. I have seen on social media over the weekend people posting about those of us being annoyed if we have to travel in the area.

I know we all have to take our turns with the annoyance as they say. It’s just part of life. Our life living and traveling down Georgia Street.

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